Proactive & Reactive COVID-19 Deep Cleaning

We are being as proactive as possible in our response to COVID-19 to ensure the safety of our customers, contractors and office team.

CIC Facility Services is following the direction and guidelines set out by the Australian Department of Health as we respond to this situation, ensuring the best health outcomes for our staff and their families as well as your business and your clients.

We understand these are unprecedented times for you as you and your business deal with this pandemic. While your business capacity may be changing rapidly during this period, hygiene and cleaning requirements are still as important as ever. Your business will have different hygienic and cleanliness needs at this time and we have multiple infection-control solutions to support you.

Routine Environmental Cleaning

Commercial Deep Cleaning

Proper cleaning reduces soil load, which will allow the disinfectant to work. In order to remove viruses that cause coronavirus (COVID-19), there should be thorough cleaning by disinfection. The time that coronavirus exists on top of surfaces depends on the amount a contaminated fluid is present.

We follow a very thorough practice to clean frequently touched surfaces with a detergent hospital-grade solution. Surfaces that are visibly soiled will also be immediately cleaned to avoid infection and spread of viruses.

Touchpoint Cleaning 

Using hospital-grade disinfectants, we can clean all common touchpoint areas like doors, door handles, push plates, lift buttons, light switches and so on.

Commercial Deep Cleaning

Terminal & Decontamination Cleaning 

In the unfortunate event of an outbreak or a confirmed case, CIC Facility Services can conduct a full terminal and decontamination cleaning. All of our products are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) which will ensure the elimination of the COVID-19 virus.

Cleaning Staff Hygiene

The risk faced by cleaning staff is different than those who deal with patients face to face. It is important for our cleaning staff to apply the necessary hygiene to avoid contamination with others and also to protect themselves. Cleaning staff are informed to avoid touching their face, including their nose and their mouth and must wear protective gear at all times.

The cleaning staff wear sterile gloves and a mask while cleaning. They must also have an eye shield or face shield while cleaning. They also have to rub on an alcohol-based solution before and after putting on their gloves. The surgical mask and face shield should be put in place to keep cleaners from inadvertently touching their faces with their hands.

Hand Sanitiser 

CIC Facility Services has also partnered up with Australia's best-selling antibacterial hand sanitiser and are offering all new and existing clients the ability to bulk purchase Vivio Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser which can be delivered straight to your door contact-free. Click here to learn more.

Vivio 6

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