DHHS Recommended Melbourne COVID-19 Deep Cleaning Experts

Safeguarding Melbourne in the ongoing fight against COVID-19.


48 hours is all you have. Give us 2 and we’ll be at your door.

When COVID-19 strikes and your business is losing revenue by the minute, time is not on your side. So many guidelines to follow and countless assessments to fill out, you’d be hard-pressed to do it all alone. CIC is on your side, ready to mobilize and get your business up and running again.

Our 22-step process reduces the spread of coronavirus as the source, ensuring you can reopen your business safely and promptly to the public. We’re across all guidelines set out by the Australian Department of Health, and stay up-to-date on any legislation changes.

We’ve set the standard for COVID-19 deep cleaning. Using a long-term approach to infection control, our solutions will meet or exceed your current waste requirements. We have multiple tools in our arsenal to tackle your coronavirus troubles or any other hygienic issues on your premises.

No one business is the same, so we approach every situation with a game plan tailored to your specific needs. For larger spaces we deploy multiple teams to the site, ensuring the clean is completed in a timely and efficient manner.

For quality assurance and total peace of mind, you'll receive an Official Department of Health and Human Services Covid-19 Deep Cleaning Certificate of Completion, alongside; safe work method statement, working procedures, risk assessment forms, attendance records, covid safe plans, safety data sheets, and before & after photos.

All CIC cleaning staff have been trained to effectively use cleaning and disinfecting products, cleaning equipment, and adequate personal protective equipment during deep cleaning procedures.


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To kill viruses that cause coronavirus (COVID-19), there should be extensive, deep clean via disinfection. And extensive cleaning also reduces soil load, which allows the disinfectant to work fast and effectively. 

Environmental cleaning and disinfection are crucial to preventing the transmission of infection in the healthcare environment. Coronaviruses can persist on surfaces but can be effectively inactivated by appropriate cleaning and disinfection.

We support a comprehensive practice and protocol to clean frequently touched surfaces with a hospital-grade detergent solution. Visibly soiled surfaces will also be immediately cleaned to avoid infection and eliminate the ongoing spread of any viruses present.

Whether your business is a healthcare provider or not, we follow DHHS environmental cleaning standards and promote routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces. We can clean your high touch surfaces twice daily (as required by DHHS), or at any frequency that suits you.


All surfaces are cleaned with a high-grade detergent before being followed up by a hospital-grade disinfectant. This procedure applies to all common touchpoint areas like doors, door handles, push plates, lift buttons, light switches and so on.

For all other items and equipment, we use a high-grade disinfectant,  thoroughly cleaning all surfaces regardless of whether they are common touch points.


In the event of an outbreak or a confirmed case, CIC Facility Services will conduct a complete terminal and decontamination cleaning. All of our products are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) which will ensure the elimination of the COVID-19 virus.

This process will be followed by completion checks to ensure the deep clean has occurred to the required biosecurity standard.


We provide professional cleaning services across a range of industries and can fulfil your business needs beyond COVID-19. 

We’re a team of experts in carpet cleaning, window cleaning, flood restoration among many other services. Our routine cleaning solutions will meet and exceed the requirements set out by the DHHS for businesses to protect themselves against the spread of coronavirus and other infectious diseases.

Visit our Services page to learn about what we have on offer.

From start to finish we support you throughout the entire cleaning process, so your business can reopen seamlessly. We go beyond your expectations to safeguard against any future contamination threats.



Call us at 1800 883 884 and we’ll walk you through areas of concern and potential touchpoints. You’ll need to complete a Workplace Risk Assessment, available on the Coronavirus Victoria website. If you haven't already, no need to worry. A member of our friendly team can help you with any DHHS requirements so you can get your deep clean underway.

The scale and scope of your clean will vary depending on where the infected employees work while infectious. In many cases, only a subsection of your business will have to be cleaned.

You will inform us of any sensitive documents or equipment currently on the premises, and give us the okay on what documents can be disposed of. 

Afterwards, we will run you through our cleaning strategy. When you’re ready, we’ll head out to your location as soon as possible.



Our team will arrive, donning full PPE prior to entering the building. We will dispose of all remaining waste.

This is followed by a pre-clean of all surfaces using a high-grade disinfectant.

This disinfection process is the first step in stopping the spread of COVID-19 and any other viral matter.


The pre-clean is then followed by a hospital-grade disinfectant. We clean all windows, doors, walls, and vents. Computers, picture frames, phones, desks, and any other office equipment is thoroughly disinfected. 

We then vacuum all floors and allow the area to air dry.



We finalize the deep clean with a round of decontamination. We disinfect all office equipment, all common areas, and touchpoints mentioned in your assessment. 

Furniture like filing cabinets, cupboards, and other potential touchpoints are also decontaminated.

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Once an outbreak happens, you’ll never want it to happen again. CIC Facility Services has put steps in place to ensure the deep clean is hassle-free, and cover all bases to avoid a future viral spread.

  • DHHS RECOMMENDED: We’re recommended by the Australian Department of Health, which means you can trust us to do the job thoroughly
  • BEAT YOUR CURRENT CLEANER’S PRICE, GUARANTEED: We’ll beat your current cleaner’s price and still deliver a quality service
  • SWIFT, EFFICIENT DEEP CLEAN: We’re in and out, we won’t spend any more time than needed.
  • SUPPORT ALONG THE WAY AND BEYOND: We’ll make sure the deep clean is done to DHHS standards and will accommodate unique working environments. We also offer an entire suite of cleaning services beyond COVID-19 deep cleans
  • CERTIFICATION ON COMPLETION: You’ll receive certifying documents upon completion, so you can get back to running your business again 

CALL US NOW ON 1800 883 884

What Our Clients Say

  • "I have had the pleasure of doing business with the CIC Team over the past few months. Con and his team demonstrate a can do attitude and consistently deliver on their promises. I would recommend CIC to anyone looking for a quality compliant and responsive cleaning partner."

    Jamie Reichelt

    Warehouse Manager Martin Brower

  • "CIC Facilities Services has trustworthy and nice staff, and they actually clean. Our office was changing cleaning services every three months, but we don’t have to anymore. They are reliable and punctual. They take a lot of pride in their work and are committed to it, providing a much needed and affordable service for our business. John and his staff always go above and beyond to satisfy our needs and have proven to be an excellent choice."

    Emily Hughes

    Operations Manager

  • "We strongly feel that the cleanliness in our office has a strong effect on our productivity and wellbeing, and we can thank CIC Facility Services for helping to make our business so stress-free and successful. They routinely clean our offices and set us up on floor maintenance schedule that keeps our tiles, windows and factory areas looking like new all year round. I have recommended CICFS to all my friends for their commercial, office and industrial cleaning needs."

    Anthony Wassef

    Director AR Access

Enquire about our deep cleaning services by filling in your details below!


When can you come out?

Now if necessary! Our business operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can flex around your schedule. We understand the urgency of a COVID-19 deep clean, so we’ll do our best to get out to you as soon as possible.

Are you certified to perform a COVID-19 deep clean?

We are recommended by the Australian Department of Health as a deep cleaner of choice for COVID-19. We have extremely high standards for each decontamination. Upon completion you’ll receive a certification from us, showing that you have received an adequate deep clean.

What financial support is available?

If your business is closed due to a suspected or confirmed coronavirus case up to 80% of your deep cleaning costs can be covered via government grants. Make sure it’s done the right way to avoid paying any more out of pocket!

What if I have sensitive documents or equipment on the premises?

We’ll go through any areas of concern prior to cleaning. We’ll square everything away together to ensure there are no disruptions during the deep cleaning process.