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Accomplished & Passionate Operational Team

CIC recognises that choosing the right team will be the key to our success at each new client facility, demonstrated by the stringent criteria set forth by CIC in our training and recruitment program.

For each new client and facility, a full site resource plan will be developed in consultation with the client upon contract award, and will include the appointment of key personnel, including site management. All of our team members are required to have current police checks, which are renewed 6 monthly as well as current Working with Children Checks. We believe security is important and our staff are easily identifiable by being in correct uniform and wearing CIC ID badges. Our team are committed to their role and are always keen for additional training that will increase their knowledge and skill set. Our commitment remains to ensure that our client is always provided with the right people for the job.

‍Outstanding Customer Service

‍CIC appreciates that better-quality customer service is critical. CIC prides itself on the provision of services that are highly customer focused. Customer care and satisfaction will form a large part of the CIC training program, with instructions in customer liaison and communication, a critical element in our overall training regime. Our Senior Management Team are a great example of this, all individuals are trained in customer services and receive high level specialist training in areas such as first aid and emergency response.

‍Creating a sustainable environment

‍CIC entirely supports and endorses sustainability initiatives and believes we must do our part to not only ensure we as a company are conscious of environmental issues but that we are helping our clients meet their own objectives in this regard. CIC is committed to improving its’ direct impact on the environment by reducing its’ use of energy and water and by reducing and disposing of waste responsibly and efficiently. CIC works closely with each client to ensure a co-operative approach to the management of environmental issues.

‍Robust Management Systems

‍CIC places a strong focus on its management systems for quality, occupational health and safety (OH&S) and the environment and has robust systems in place to support this contract.

CIC is currently endeavouring to attain accreditation as a quality endorsed company achieving triple accreditation for Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and the Environment. CIC Cleaning Services is currently working towards triple accreditation and expects to achieve this standard by mid-2019.

All our service solutions are supported by a Management System meeting legislative and AS/NZS ISO standards that address operational and administrative requirements such as:
-Management and reporting systems
-Risk management
-Health, safety and environment management
-Financial management and reporting
-Industrial relations and staff development
-Licensing and compliance issues

Fundamental Value

‍Our commercial offer is driven by detailed analysis of the specification. Our resourcing and workflow models are detailed throughout our tender. Our contract structure is designed to link tasks with people.

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