Facility Management Melbourne

CIC Facility Services offers professional facility management services in Melbourne. 

As facility management specialists, we understand the value and importance of maintaining all your assets and ensuring that they are delivering the best return for you-and the optimum experience for your clients and tenants.

CIC Facility Services is your facility management experts in Melbourne, and we are setting a new and improved standard for facility management and measurable cleaning environments to help reduce the risk of illness-causing germs in business and residential facilities. Using scientifically validated and green products and technologies, we have designed our services to get results that are beyond appearance alone. 

We couple expertise with decades of knowledge to deliver excellence to every operation. And our people-focused approach to customer service has helped us grow into Melbourne’s largest provider of facility solutions.

CIC Facility Services is firmly rooted in the core belief that communication is important, and full transparency is crucial in creating long term and fruitful relationships of trust. And because of this, we treat every client relationship as an essential partnership, providing full transparency with respect to all reporting items to keep you happy. 

At CIC Facility Services, we want to make sure that your building looks clean and pristine and that you increase your daily productivity. This is why we provide our customers with comprehensive, effective and affordable facility management services in Melbourne to solve their most pressing management challenges quickly. 

We have over 16 years of experience in managing and overseeing facility construction and industrial and commercial tenant improvements. CIC Facility Services focuses on ensuring a safe and hygienic working environment for all our employees. We manage every little detail expertly so that you can attend to the core aspects of your business.


CIC Facility Services can Meet all your Cleaning Needs

We bring proper and safe cleaning products and equipment in order to get the cleaning job
 done fast and detailed. Our facility management services in Melbourne include the following:


We are being as proactive as possible in our response to COVID-19 to ensure the safety of our customers, contractors and office team.

CIC Facility Services is following the direction and guidelines set out by the Australian Department of Health as we respond to this situation, ensuring the best health outcomes for our staff and their families as well as your business and your clients.

Waste Management and Recycling Programs

Our comprehensive waste management and recycling programs cover everything from general waste right down to any cardboard boxes that need to be broken down.

In fact, we are able to customize a complete recycling and waste management program to suit any business, big or small.

Sanitary Bin Disposal and Washroom Services

A clean and hygienic washroom is critically important for any business.

Not only does everyone love a fresh and clean washroom, but unkept washrooms can become a hazard to your employees and visitors health.

We work hard to create a restroom environment that is not only hygienic but visually spotless helping to improve employee productivity and reduce sick leave.

Let CIC handle your washroom's hand hygiene, control of odours, disposal of sanitary items, and vending machines specific to the washroom.

Security Services

CIC is also able to provide security-related services to interested clients. We train and properly screen all of our guards. Trained in the latest security protocols, they will work to keep your facility safe and secure at all times.

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What Sets Us Apart from Other Cleaning Companies in Melbourne

24/7 Service

Our representatives are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency requests, including plumbing, HVAC, electrical, roofing, janitorial and more. We can respond 24/7 and work during off-hours and even at night to fit your tight business schedule. 


CIC Facility Services specialises in “green building” methodology with a competent core management team that has more than 16 years of experience in Melbourne facilities management. We provide all our services with environmentally friendly chemicals and products to ensure the safety and health of our clients as well as the environment.

Quality Assurance

With the internationally increasing demand for facility management services, we are sure that our ability to deliver most of our service offerings through our own staff is critical for securing the quality as well as the efficiency of the solution. We deliver consistent quality through highly-trained personnel and process frameworks, offering best-practice facility management service in Melbourne. We strive to develop remarkable facility management solutions in order to improve your work environment and create positive and lasting impressions.

  • "We find CIC Facility Services great for taking away the issues of dealing with day to day repairs. CIC has a wealth of experience and knowledge that we take advantage of and they can deal with any issue or problem that arises. We have found the company to be proactive in their approach, and they offer us good practical and timely advice in dealing with our portfolio of high-end properties throughout Melbourne."

    Sean Thornley

  • "CIC Facility Services have been our commercial cleaner now for many years and their service, reliability and communication is why we are so happy with them. If you are ever looking for a commercial cleaner, look no further than CIC Facility Services – you won’t be disappointed."

    Jessica Chambers

  • "They routinely clean our offices, and set us up on floor maintenance schedule that keeps our tiles, windows and factory areas looking like new all year round. I have recommended CICFS to all my friends for their commercial, office and industrial cleaning needs."

    Anthony Wassef

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

CIC Facility Services offers a full range of reliable and green carpet cleaning services in Melbourne that help prolong both the life and appearance of your business carpets while keeping them ready and clean for business.

cleaning mop

Commercial Floor Cleaning

Whether there's stains or spills, we'll examine each floor case-by-case to apply advanced steam-cleaning technology to bring out your best results.

pressure washer

Commercial Pressure Cleaning

Your quick and cost-effective means to freshen up the exterior of your commercial property – producing an inviting and desirable finish.


Commercial Steam Cleaning

A floor that's clean enough to eat off? Put us to the test. And whether it's water damage from flooding or an accidental spill, we examine each floor case-by-case to apply advanced steam cleaning technology to bring out the best cleaning results.

cleaning 2

Commercial Window Cleaning

Image is everything, and windows are the first thing your customers notice. When they aren't looking pristine and clear, that first impression could be a little hazy.

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Facility Management

We offer a range of facility management programs such as waste management, sanitary hygiene and washroom services.

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Flood Restoration

CIC offers a wide range of commercial and industrial cleaning services. We specialize in flood recovery, high pressure-washing, window cleaning and more.

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General Cleaning

For the past 10 years we have been servicing large and small business with complete office and commercial cleaning packages. We supply all our customers with custom reporting data to meet there needs and KPIs.