Quality Assurance

CIC goes above and beyond the requirements consistent with the total quality management theme in today’s cleaning industry. Our practice of quality control involves checking processes, materials, products and service to ensure we exceed best practice and the highest cleaning standards. This responsibility is applied across all facets of our operations, including selecting products, equipment and staff that is congruent to your unique cleaning needs and expectations.

The quality assurance principles we adhere to ensure that our service quality meets the highest standards and are underpinned by CIC’s culture of caring about our customers, continuous learning and commitment to satisfaction. Our team members are employed through our stringent employment selection process and training program which guarantees quality employees which translates into consistent superior cleaning outcomes and satisfied customers.

Our procedures and policies include monitoring and oversight of staff and compulsory reviews of cleaning results by our experienced senior staff. A framework that safeguards our cleaning outcomes from poor quality and that results in improved performance. Through the measurement of our work are we able to identify areas that we can exceed expectations and adjust processes to achieve this.

The key to our success has been understanding the needs of our clients, by knowing our clients. To get to know you and your workplace we support a positive communication climate that fosters an open, honest, dependable relationship that encourages feedback and ensuring cleaning requirements of your workplace are conveyed accurately.

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