Cleaning Sustainability

At CIC, we work hard to live up to our mission of being a company that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. You will see this objective and core vision lived out in the way that we minimize any possible negative impact that our work might have on the local and global community. All of our personnel understand the importance of implementing operational processes that support suitability efforts. This begins with the upper management and continues right down the line.

This culture of sustainability is supported by the training programs we have implemented across all departments. Any decision we make as a business is also carefully viewed in terms of its potential impact on the environment. We are a company that prides itself on being socially responsible. All chemicals that we use in the cleaning process, particularly in regards to waste removal, are sustainable. We honour this commitment by being fully transparent to the public in all that we do.

We have demonstrated a commitment to innovation and technology. This is born by our continual adoption of new products that are introduced to the marketplace to help reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable future. We are not afraid to properly discard old chemicals in exchange for new, more environmentally ones that become available.

We also collaborate with others in the industry in order to foster a spirit of cooperation when it comes to sustainability efforts. This is also designed to showcase our continual desire to improve our processes across the organization. We work hard to improve our cleaning process and strive to reduce any negative impact that our products may cause.

We also produce regular reports on our sustainability efforts, including what we are doing to meet the goals that we have set forth as a company. We are working towards creating a greener and more sustainable supply chain.‍

We specialise in a wide range of cleaning services and cleaning type industries.

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